About Us


The Storehouse was started in the year 2000 by Audrey Atherton in Sunnyside Pretoria. It later moved to Hatfield

Christian Church where it was taken over by Isabell Treurnich in September 2010.


To Assist:

Registered Ministries,  Non-Profit Organisations and Public Benefit Organisations

To Reach those in need of:

Clothing, Blankets, Household goods, Furniture, Appliances and Food parcels

How We work

Receive second-hand goods


All clothes are sorted into categories of usable/non usable/dirty/clean/seasonal


All dirty clothes are washed and ironed

The Storehouse receives requests from approved organisations

Parcels are made up as per request according to size, gender and season

Each parcel consist of matching outfits, shoes and a small gift


The NPO/PBO or ministry collects their orders from The Storehouse & distributes to their beneficiaries